The Benefits Of A Cattery?

scared catCats make excellent pets: they are great companions, civilized, easy to care for and affectionate. You love your cat, so leaving them uncared for while your away is simply not an option. Cat’s worry like we do and can feel abandoned and increasingly nervous the longer we’re away.

But what to do? Granted, here’s just no place like home, but when you can’t be there to look after your cat(s), Auckland Kennel & Cattery is a very good option.

Leaving your cat to board with us does not mean that you are leaving them; rather you are handing them over to a professional to take care of them while you are away.

There are many benefits of a cattery. Boarding your cat with us means that they will be fed twice daily, watered and played with. You will have somebody keeping a watch over your cat’s health and well-being 24/7. It’s natural to worry about leaving your cat in someone else’s care, but leave your feline friend with us and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet is happy and healthy while you’re away. Our cattery is very spacious, and your cat has plenty of room to run or jump around.

Aren’t Cats Too Independent For A Cattery?

Although cats for the most part are independent, they love companionship. It can be very stressful for a cat to find themselves completely alone in a quiet home when they are used to you returning each day at a certain hour and in the routine of interacting with you several times a day. If you work from home, or if there are multiple family members in the household, it is all the more reason to put your cat in our cat boarding facility

Can’t Cats Fend For Themselves?

Our domesticated cats live with us and, generally, can no longer fend for themselves; they need care and attention. When cats are left alone for longer than they are used to, they get lonely and anxious without their human companions. Your absence causes them stress and anxiety. Cats may be independent, but they don’t do well left alone for extended periods, and they tend to get increasingly stressed the more time their human family is away from them.

What To Do In A Cat Emergency?

What if your cat had an accident no one was there? What if your cat got stuck, got sick or injured and no one was there to help?

It’s your responsibility to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy, so don’t take a chance on something happening to your cat while you’re away.


Want To Come Home To A Home Wrecker?

In addition, cats get bored without enough stimulation, and can develop behavioural issues if left alone for too long. Do you want to come home to a very smelly house or damaged curtains or furniture?

Can’t Cats Feed Themselves?

Cats do like and need routine. They do best when they’re fed at the same time every day. If left with a supply of food while you’re away they can gorge, not leaving enough food for later.

Your Cat Will Be Safe & Comfortable

The benefits of a cattery mean your cat will get the personalised and medical care it needs, and you will have peace of mind knowing your cat is being extremely well cared for.

A quality cattery like ours can be an excellent solution for many cat owners.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, safe and secure environment for your cat, call us on 09 299 7415 to ask about the benefits of a cattery. Inspections welcome 10am-4pm each day.

Our cat hotel is a semi-communal, large airy space where cats feel safe and comfortable – lots of climbing space, baskets, sheepskins and toys. A large indoor area provides lots of places for your cat to explore or to find a quiet corner to relax.

The covered outdoor conservatory is great for day-time lounging and exercise while the warm internal room provides a great place for your cat to relax and soak up the sun.

Your cat will have their own individual split-level suite at night. Each cat is individually housed with their bed on one level and litter tray and food on a lower level.