Relax on your holiday! We know your cat will be.

Looking for a cattery in South Auckland while you’re on holiday, relocating, or travelling for business?

If you are like most well-trained cat owners, then leaving your cat with someone else can be a hard choice. Now you can rest easy knowing your treasured family feline will be treated as a VIP guest.

Read on to find out why Auckland Kennel & Cattery is the best place for your cat to stay.

All Cats

 $22 | $25 peak

Own Food Handling: A $3 per day surcharge applies to own food handling  

We accept the following methods of payment:


Credit card


We provide discounts for long term visitors. See our multi pet discount booking offer on your right.

Please contact us for more information, and to discuss our discounted rates for our long term boarders.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Our Multi Pet Discount*
Gives you 10% off the cost of your booking
when you book more than one pet in the same visit.

*This offer does not apply during peak season.
See our Terms & Conditions for more information about our seasons, hours and holiday period.

We’ll love your cat like you do.

Rest assured your cat will be safe, secure and happy in your absence.

Auckland Kennel and Cattery have been providing the ultimate in accommodation for cats of all ages, breeds and needs since 2005. Be it just a short weekend away, a lengthy work trip or an extended overseas holiday, our attentive staff are trained to make sure all of our feline guests are happy, healthy and safe throughout their stay.

Our promise to you is that we will take the best care possible of your feline friend, and we’ll make their stay as stress free as possible! Auckland Kennel and Cattery is a warm, peaceful, inviting space where your cat will feel loved, safe and relaxed.

Cat Care, Health and Nutrition

Cats are given Royal Canin Fit.

Every morning we check on the consumption of food and water to monitor their dietary maintenance closely, and we also monitor urinary and bowel motions.

We have a 24-hour vet on call, for any eventuality.


Inspection welcome

We welcome inspection and will happily show you through our cat boarding facility. Come and visit us and see for yourself why our Auckland Cattery are so popular with cat lovers like you. To avoid unnecessary disruption to the dogs boarding with us, we ask that you come only between 10am – 2.30pm weekdays and weekends by appointment.

Long Stay Cats

We encourage first time cats to come for a trial visit. This will help familiarise your cat with the new environment. A first, short stay with us helps to relieve anxiety before your cat comes for a longer stay. They will remember our South Auckland cattery as a fun place to visit until Mum or Dad collects them again. Your best mate will enjoy their holiday with us as much as you will enjoy yours!

Christmas Stays

We have a minimum 7-day stay over the Christmas period: 20 December through to 10 January. We also require a deposit for bookings during this busy holiday month, and payment in full when you bring in your cat to board with us. This deposit is non-refundable unless your booking is cancelled before 1 December.

Auckland Kennel & Cattery caters for cats of all breeds and ages.

Our cat hotel is a large airy space where cats feel safe and comfortable – lots of climbing space, baskets, sheepskins and toys. A large indoor area provides lots of places for your cat to explore or to find a quiet corner to relax.

Our cattery is semi-communal. The covered outdoor conservatory is perfect for day time lounging and exercise, while the warm internal room provides a great place for your cat to relax and soak up the sun.

Your cat has their own individual split-level suite at night. Each cat is individually housed with their bed on one level and litter tray and food on a lower level, adding to their overall comfort.

To ensure the safety, health and comfort of your cat, our cattery is managed to a very high standard. We work hard to make you and your cat happy, and to make the time your cat spends with us as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Located in South Auckland’s rural Ardmore, we’re very handy to the southern motorway.

Boarding Hours

Hours are as per our Contact page.

(Please arrive at least half an hour before closing if you are checking your pet in for boarding.)

A full day is charged for your drop off day, irrespective of the time you arrive. If you pick up your pet before 11am, there is no charge applied for that day.

Please note: customers will be charged for all days booked during our peak season.

Please contact us to arrange a booking for your cat.

Vaccination Requirements

All cats staying at our boarding cattery, whether as short-term or long-term guests, are required to be vaccinated for the following:


Rhinotracheitis (snuffles)

Feline Enteritis

Potional Chlamydia (feline aids) optional – we strongly recommend you speak to your vet regarding this.

All cats must have had vaccinations within the last 12 months, but not less than 7 days before entering the cattery. All vaccinations are to be valid for the length of stay.

Not sure yet?

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You can trust us with your cat!

Call on 092997415 to ask about our cattery and boarding for your cat.

Inspections welcome 10am-2.30pm weekdays, weekends by appointment.

Safe, secure cat hotel Auckland.

Caring accommodation for your family feline when you can’t be with them.

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