Planning A Holiday?

cattery-near-meThe best way to reduce holiday stress for all concerned is through a good plan. Planning is also the best way to ensure your pets are safe and sound when you’re away. Leave it too late and your holiday plans could suddenly be put on hold.

Book Early For Summer

At Auckland Kennel & Cattery we frequently get last-minute, panicked phone calls from cat owners in the lead up to Christmas. Owners will ring us as late as November or December, absolutely frantic.

“Can we book our cat into your cattery over Christmas and New Year? We forgot to book earlier, we hope you’re not full.”

“I can’t believe our neighbour is going away for the Christmas holidays. Who is going to look after our cat? Can we book her into your cattery?”

“Here’s our cat. What do you mean he has to be vaccinated before staying with you? We didn’t realise!”

Auckland kennels and catteries get very busy over public holidays, and the neighbours and friends we rely on to look after our pets rather inconveniently have lives too.

We can’t reinforce enough to our clients how important it is for them to organise summer pet care plans well before November, and well in advance for all other public holidays to ensure their pets can be looked after in our kennels and cattery. We have a minimum 7-day stay over the Christmas period: 20 December through to 10 January. We also require a deposit for bookings during this busy holiday month and payment in full when you bring in your cat to board with us. This deposit is non-refundable, unless your booking is cancelled before 1 December. There is also a $10 per dog and $5 per cat surcharge on public holidays.


Worried about your cat settling into our boarding facilities?

In our experience, cats settle into the cattery environment fairly quickly. However, familiarity will always make your cat feel more comfortable.

Here are a few helpful cattery tips for everybody’s comfort:

  • If your cat has a favourite blanket, toy or basket, bring it with you to the cattery. The scent of home will make your cat feel safer, and more at ease. If you have a cat that likes to sleep on your bed, or on your lap while you’re trying to work, you could throw in one of your old shirts or dressing gown. Nothing like the smell of home.
  • We are more than happy for you to bring in your cat’s favourite food if your cat tends to be a picky eater.
  • Another very useful thing to remember is to drop your cat off ahead of time, maybe even the night before you leave. That way your furry mate won’t get stressed out watching you pack and you won’t have the stress of catching a grumpy cat when you’re in a rush to get away. Your feline friend will be in a better frame of mind to settle into their new home away from home and you’ll be in a much better of frame of mind to enjoy your holiday.
  • If your cat is older, has a particular illness, or needs to have their food intake kept at a certain amount, we absolutely can look after them if you give us plenty of notice. It is a great idea to leave written instructions for us so we know exactly how you would like us to look after your cat.

Take a tour of our cattery!

If you are unsure of leaving your pet at a cattery while you go away, why not pop in, meet us here and have a look around. You’ll be able to see for yourself why our Auckland cattery is so popular with cat lovers like you.

No appointment is necessary, but to avoid unnecessary disruption to the cats staying with us, we ask that you come only between 10am and 4pm.

There’s just no place like home, but when you can’t be there to look after your cat(s), the Auckland Kennel & Cattery is your best option. Our South Auckland cattery takes great care of cats from all over Auckland.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, safe and secure environment for your cat, call us on 09 299 7415