Doggy Day Care South Auckland

Doggie day care South Auckland.
So much fun, your best mate will be hounding you to go!

Looking for conveniently located doggie day care South Auckland? Need a place to drop your dog off while you’re at work so your dog can be exercised, socialised and looked after? Just off the Southern Motorway, Auckland Kennel & Cattery caters for dogs of all ages and sizes.

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Making Every Day a Good Dog Day.

We look to provide a stress-free environment for your dog while you’re not with them.

Leaving your best friend behind as you head off to work not only leaves you feeling bad, isn’t ideal for your canine mate. A stay at Auckland Kennel & Cattery doggy day care means your dog gets to socialise with other 4-legged friends in a safe and fun environment.

Whether it’s for the day or for the whole business week, there are options that will keep your pup safe, entertained and engaged. Both regular and casual places are available for your dog.

Bring your dog for a play day at our doggy day care South Auckland and they’ll keep hounding you for more. See what our other dogs have to say.

A Day In Our Home Away From Home

Leaving your pets home alone is not ideal. As much as you’d like to be with your pet 24/7, work and other time commitments get in the way. But your dog doesn’t have to stay home alone while you’re not there. Day care and boarding at Auckland Kennel & Cattery in South Auckland is the perfect solution.

Our doggy day care is a fun place for your dog to visit and enjoy the company of other dogs while soaking up all the tender loving care from our dedicated team.
Your dog’s happiness is the measure of our success.

See what the parents of some of our regular canine guests at our doggy day care South Auckland have to say!

You can trust us with your dog!

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We’re here when you can’t be.
Safe, secure, fun dog care in South Auckland, conveniently located just off the Southern Motorway.

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