Disobedient dog breeds tend to die earlier than docile dogs

good dog
Is your dog aggressive or disobedient? Does it bark a lot? Then according to a British study, it may have a shorter life span. Bad dogs and aggressive dogs tend to die young. A British study has shown that aggression, excessive barking and disobedience are among behaviors that can doom canine pets to an early demise.

One in three deaths in U.K. dogs younger than three years old was from ‘undesirable’ behaviours. Euthanasia was the most common cause of those deaths: 75 percent overall.

Traffic accidents are another common reason why so many young dogs die.

Be a good dog. Males, mixed-breed dogs, and small dogs weighing less than 10 kilograms were more prone to early deaths from misbehaviour than females, larger dogs and purebreds.

The study published in the British publication Animal Welfare involved data on 264,000 U.K. dogs, and the results underscore the importance of training dogs and educating owners, the researchers said.

The researchers analysed 2009 to 2014 records from 127 U.K. veterinary clinics to determine what portion of early deaths were linked with undesirable behaviour. The large number of youngsters with behavioural problems that are being euthanised, according to researchers, show a great need for behavioural education among dog owners.

Some dog breeds have far more behavioral problems than others. Breeds such as German shepherds, poodles and bichon frises, tended to be “good dogs” and the longest lived, while hard-to-train dogs such as pomeranians and beagles were more likely to die younger.

In another study out of Canada’s University of Sherbrooke, researcher Vicent Careau also found that disobedient dog breeds tend to die earlier than docile ones. A breed of dog classed as a ‘good dog’ and easy to train tends to live longer. He first controlled for the size of these breeds, since smaller breeds tend to live longer.

Careau also found that breeds perceived as aggressive tend to burn calories faster, ie to have a higher metabolic rate: a docile, ‘good dog’ will tend to burn calories more slowly than territorial great Danes, for instance. Aggressive breeds have higher energy needs than nonaggressive breeds: live fast, die young.

Vincent Careau compared data from previous studies of personality in a number of dog breeds. Some data came from insurance companies that sell pet policies. Careau’s team found the most obedient dogs were domesticated from wolves more than 10,000 years ago, but Careau doubts that long lifespan or rapid metabolism were selected on purpose.

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