Pets and holidays

Organising a holiday can be hard work, ironically. And for many pet owners, it can be even more challenging. pet separation anxietyFirstly, there is the issue of trying to work out what to do with Fido and Fluffy while you’re away, and then there’s the issue of dealing with pet separation anxiety – for parents. Your pets are an important part of your family and knowing how much you love your fur babies, we’re here to let you know we’ll really spoil them for you while you can’t.

We understand that being separated from your animal family can be really hard, so at Auckland Kennels and Cattery we’ve put together a list of assurances for you.

Why choose our Auckland cat and dog boarding facility?

Rest assured

First and foremost: don’t worry, Auckland Kennels and Cattery is no pet prison. Your fur family will be in excellent hands. Your cat or dog can have their own clothes and toys, get special food, sleep on their own blanket, get loads of attention and exercise and they will get out on good behaviour, guaranteed.

Centre of attention

Our pet care team has many years of experience, expertise and knowledge. They are passionate animal lovers and are fully trained to take care of all your pet’s boarding needs from the moment your cat or dog arrives to the moment they go home again. Because your pet’s comfort and health are our top priority, our staff’s job description includes cuddling, chucking balls around or playing tug of war. They are there to smooch, preen, entertain and look after your fur family when you can’t.

The guest rooms are state-of-the-art, clean and comfortable. Your pets will get lots of one-to-one time and play throughout their stay with us, we promise. If your pets have special toys or blankets they just love, simply bring them along.

Dealing with pet separation anxiety

We hope this list of our pet care helps with any possible pet separation anxiety humans can suffer from.

  • All care, all responsibility: our staff are all fully trained animal lovers who will visit and monitor your pet throughout the day for cleaning, feeding, as well as special playtime and smooches.
  • Good grub: we only feed our guests quality pet food. Dogs under our care are fed Eukanuba and Royal Canin. Our cats gate Royal Canin Fit. Specific diet requirements can also be catered to. We are happy to give your pet their own special dog food when provided.
  • Food watch: our staff monitor your pet’s food and water intake and will take action should any pet not be handling their stay well.
  • Safe play: during exercise and playtime, our visiting dogs are grouped according to size, age and temperament to make sure our smaller dogs don’t feel anxious by being with larger dogs. Small dogs within a similar age, nature, size and breed have their own purpose-built kennel building and exercise yard. We give the dogs exercise and playtime twice daily: first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon. All play and exercise time closely is monitored by our team of trained staff.
  • Vets on call: Should they be needed, we have a very experienced team of veterinarians on call 24/7.

pet separation stressYour cat or dog will be well looked after in our boarding facility.

We treat your fur family like our own and believe us, we’re all pet owners, we know dealing with pet separation anxiety is not easy.

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If you’re looking for a comfortable, safe and secure environment for your dog or cat so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying, call us on 09 299 7415 to ask about our boarding and kennel facilities.

Inspections are welcome 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. each day.