Moving can be a stressful for humans. Moving house with a cat can take it to another level. Dealing with the mess and living in disarray is exhausting and not a lot of fun. But, at least we humans have a fairly clear idea about what is happening and where we’re going. Imagine what it must be like for your moggy mate who is utterly used to their own routine in a territory they have spent a lot of time and energy claiming as their own.

Cats are territorial by nature and they don’t like change. In the build up to your big move, your home will start to feel unsettled for your feline friend. Cats can get very confused by the packing boxes and furniture being moved about. New scents and the emptying of once-familiar rooms can all add to their anxiety and they are liable to panic when strangers traipse in and out.

cattery in South AucklandIf you’re moving house with a cat, your feline friend might need to came and stay with us in our cattery for a while to spare them the stress. But remember, if you do decide that our cattery is where you cat will come for a wee holiday, book well in advance, particularly if you’re moving around any public holidays, and make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date.

Reputable pet care facilities, like Auckland Kennels & Cattery, require a current vaccination certificate, and ideally for your cat, or cats, to be fully vaccinated two to three weeks before boarding.

Planning the move – for humans and cats

The best way to reduce moving stress, for all concerned, is with a good plan. Leave things too late and your moving plans could suddenly be stopped in their tracks.

Auckland catteries like ours get very busy over the summer holidays. Book well in advance if that’s when you’re moving. It is important to organise summer cat care plans well before November, and remember that like many Auckland catteries, we have a minimum 7-day stay over the Christmas period.

Some helpful tips to make cat boarding even easier.

  • We’ve found over the years that cats generally settle into our cattery fairly quickly. However, familiarity will always make your cat feel more comfortable. So, if your cat has a favourite blanket, toy or basket, bring it with you to the cattery. The scent of home will make your cat feel safer, and more at ease. If your feline friend likes to sleep on your bed, or on your lap while you’re trying to work, you could throw in an old shirts or dressing gown. Nothing like the smell of home.
  • Another very useful thing to remember is to drop your cat off with us ahead of time, maybe even a few nights before all the serious packing and moving happens. That way your furry mate won’t get stressed out watching you pack, and you won’t have the stress of trying to catch a grumpy cat as you’re trying to leave.

Moving your cat with you

If you’d prefer to keep your cat with you during your move, keep one room in the house untouched until the very last minute. Get your cat accustomed to that room about a week before you move by placing their bed, litter tray, if you use one, toys, food and water bowls in there. It will soon feel like their safe place away from the hustle, bustle and drama going on in the rest of the house.

Trained staff fluent in cat

cat hotel in south aucklandIf you’re moving home, we recommend you leave your cat, or cats, at a quality cattery like Auckland Kennels & Cattery where the staff are good at talking cat and are well-trained, by cats, in how to look after cats. The cat hotel at Auckland Kennel & Cattery is a semi-communal, large airy space where cats feel safe and comfortable. 

If you’re looking for a nice secure environment where you know your cat will be well cared for, call 09 299 7415 to ask about the benefits of a cattery. Inspections are welcome between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. daily.